I’ve Started a Writers Cooperative

The Who, What, Where, Why, and When.


Last week I finished building the website to host my cooperative. I want to explain why I created it, why I believe it is important for the economics community, and much more.

First, I will only publish articles on El Cooperativo that pertain to economics, politics, and philosophy. I will dedicate that website to my more established skill of economic research and free up my Medium page for blogging about my new business, my travels, and short stories I’m working on!

I am new to the creative writing genre but I have found great pleasure typing in a free flow of story-telling bliss. My first story should publish sometime next week.

El Cooperativo has been a thought in my mind for about a year now. I liked the idea of doing research for a living, but I didn’t think about all the possible ways to achieve that. I also have loved the concept of cooperatives since one of my graduate classes had a chapter on them.

It took me a year to add my love of macroeconomic research to my blogging habit. Then finally I realized I could start a website and create a business entity within my budget and start my own writers cooperative for the PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics) community.

El Cooperativo aims to become a place for established writers to publish articles that interest them and inspire others. Explore through our library to read our research and opinion articles. The goal is to eventually bring on some writers to compliment my writing and add to the cooperative.

I started writing because I knew that I had some things to say. I wanted to express myself and move people to think in a new way. Writers have a tough job trying to make a living in an industry that doesn’t guarantee a regular paycheck.

With all of this in mind, I decided to create a platform where writers could leverage their rightful ownership in the organization and publish their exciting new work on a clean, easy to use platform. For more information on why cooperatives are so cool, read my piece on that here.

The future of the coop is quite exciting as I am currently looking for more qualified writers to write well-researched political or philosophical papers. If you or someone you know is ready for an entrepreneurial challenge, please reach out! anaya@elcooperativo.org

If you wish to go along the cooperative journey, follow along by subscribing to our newsletter.

Do you have an idea or economic idea you would like me to write about? Have any questions on cooperatives? Comment below!




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